Monday, November 21, 2011

Naglfar- Vittra (1995)

Vittra (1995)
Genre- Melodic Black Metal

The frozen debut full length from Sweden's Naglfar. Miles of haunting riffs that will stay with you long after the spin, punishing drums and chilling vocals. Vittra is probably the most 'black' album from the Nag and it's definitely my favorite of their discography.


  1. Also my fave album from these guys but in my opinion this one was more Melodic Death/Black oriented and the following albums were more straightforward B.M.

  2. thanks for the heads up, its been so long since i've spun through their discography, i must have their sound progression/chronology reversed. I always remembered albums like Diabolical and Pariah to have more of a melo-death/black sound. time for some revisiting!

  3. Yep,They kept some melodic edge but not in the level of the debut album.I mean straightforward but not in the same sense of Setherial and the likes.