Monday, November 7, 2011

Darkest Hour- So Sedated, So Secure (2001)

Darkest Hour
So Sedated, So Secure (2001)
Genre: Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal

I've always had a thing for Darkest Hour, the energy, the riffage, the live show, all really great stuff. I chose to post this one because it contains my favorite Darkest Hour song 'An Epitaph' and because I just scored this classic early 00's metalcore album for only a penny on Amazon (love that shit). So Sedated So Secure is their second relentless full length. Looking back, these guys really owned the genre before bands likes The Absence, The Black Dahlia Murder and Arsis rose to the top. Their Swedish melo-death vibes are pretty awesome, especially on this album.

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