Thursday, November 24, 2011

Parabstruse- And I, The Cape Of (2007)


Genre- Atmospheric Black Metal/Experimental

Genre- Post Black Metal/Rock/Instrumental

So there was a pretty awesome, one-man, technical death grind 'band' by the name of Semen Across Lips. After a while Garry, the sole member, decided to switch styles completely and go for a more abstract, black metal influenced sound. It started out as a pretty straight forward experimental black metal/space project after (and even slightly before...) he changed names. The demos are some very haunting and atmospheric stuff with a post rock/psychedelic edge and hints of melodic death metal. His second demo was a 10 minute instrumental epic 'And I, The Cape Of' and it couldn't sound more different. Fans of Pelican should really get down on that one. These are definitely 2 cool demos to check out. Enjoy.

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