Sunday, November 6, 2011

Caninus- Now The Animals Have A Voice (2004)

Now The Animals Have A Voice (2004)
Genre: Grindcore

I was kinda bummed to learn that Caninus didn't have a Metal Archives page, seems weird to me but anyway... For those who dont know, Caninus (pronounced: K-9-US) is an experimental grindcore band started by Justin Brannan, guitarist of Most Precious Blood, his buddy Colin on drums and 2 pitbull terriers on vocal duties, yea thats right, 2 dogs. Let that sink in for a minute... there ya go. Its actually pretty awesome and extremely creative, but you probably wont throw this album on the IPod to get souped up before the gym or work or whatever the fuck it is you internet people do. This is not even their only release, Caninus also issued splits with Cattle Decapitation and a band called Hatebeak (yes... bird metal in its purest form). Unfortunately, Basil, one of the 2 pitbulls, died in January 2011. RIP. Check it out.

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