Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Format Change?

and now for this format change here is a midget wearing a bikini

Hello there. It sure has been a while since I've vomitted in the direction of my brethren in metal lifestyle via the internets. I'm almost certain that any readers I may have had clinging on for dear life since 2010 or so are now 100% gone. Surely strutting away with their massive heads held high, pursuing another crumby metal themed blog that actually fucking updates itself more than 3 shitty times a year. And for this, I'm kind of sorry. I've let you down..

My outlooks on downloading have changed dramatically over the past 2 years or so and I've been finding myself streaming (and purchasing, but I'll get to that later...) a very large percentage of my listening recently. Bandcamp has become an amazing new friend of mine and my soon to be 1 year old, RateYourMusic page is a daily staple in keeping my listening logs as neat and tidy as possible. As I ascend deeper into my later 20's my OCD worsens and its only a matter of time before I begin cataloging my own daily bowel movements... 

I digress and shall, for now, spare you my crazies. Mostly spacial reasons are to blame behind this abrupt change in my mentality. Years of careless downloading has lead my hard drives to hold hundreds (read: thousands) of great records that would become nothing more than a poorly marked folder, lost amidst a sea of bullshit albums and demos, trapped and sandwiched between others, all within their own pathetic, unorganized and poorly marked folders etc etc. Often thoughts of, "I'll get around to it...", seem to disappear as soon as the next download begins and then ends as the cycle is repeated countless times over. This practice helps no one. 

Having sought out and captured the rarest, disgusting and most obscure records of the early 90's and having conquered a majority of the darkest depths of the vastly unknown death and black metal underground of all the eras combined, my focus has mainly turned now to FUCKING LISTENING TO IT ALL. And not just simply listening. But truly absorbing the world-class albums according to my bizarre personal tastes and basically just discarding the rest. 

I've been spending a ton of cash this year on building up my physical CD collection and replacing old burns and MP3's with the actual copies, originals or reissues, I'm not terribly picky in that sense. I've also been adamant that I purchase at least 1 CD released in 2014 per week in order to continue my support of the now cultural minority that still wants to own a physical CD/Vinyl/Cassette etc, rather than just the digital bullshit. 

Anyway, my goal is to supply YOU, the ever so avid reader of 'The Guttural Munk' with at least one, well written, educated and passionate review each week of an album that I have recently purchased whether it be a new release or aged obscurity, complete with the occasional pictures, video reviews and legal streams when possible.

Rest assured, I will spare you from reading about the impact and influence of albums like "Nespithe" for the hundredth time on the hundredth blog. But seriously if you havent picked up the 20th Anniversary digipak from Svart Records your totally missing out.

More vomits to follow very shortly...

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