Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Picks From The Munk Part 1

Alright guys, the sticky humidity and raunchy heat of the New Jersey summer is just about lurching upon me, soon my wretched one bedroom apartment will reak of yesterdays rotting garbage as the sun cooks and penetrates through my scummy thick walled brick building. Here I bring to you some sort of an oasis, a quick list of a couple of sick, not to be missed, summer releases that are guaranteed to slay your stereos until the demons of the fall indeed do arive. So grab a beer, turn up the A/C, scrape up some coin and preorder these sure to be gems. Remember, this is merely a fraction of all the great music being released this summer. I will try to post new lists as more cover artwork becomes available. And sorry,there are absolutely no download links here boys, as nothing would make me more happy than to have all of you grimy fucks go out and actually purchase these releases. As I know I will be...

Tell me in a comment which release are you guys most excited about and which releases I totally fucked up on and left out of my list.

Dying Fetus- Reign Supreme (6/19)
Relapse Records

Nile- At The Gate Of Sethu (6/29)
Nuclear Blast Records

The Contortionist- Intrinsic (7/17)
Good Fight Music

King of Asgard- ...To North (7/31)
Metal Blade Records

Evoken- Atra Mors (7/31)
Profound Lore

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  1. really looking forward to the new evoken! i wasnt even aware of that happening. i always look forward to nile, even though ive been let down ever since catacombs and black seeds. oh well. need to bookmark this blog before i forget. thanks.