Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Picks From The Munk Part 2

The summer of 2012 is quickly ramping up to be an epic release season for some of metals strongest acts. This post alone shows releases from 3 veteran groups that absolutely deserve your respect. Remember guys, there are no download links here, and nothing would make me happier than to have each one of you actually go out and purchase these sure to be awesome albums. I will try to stay on top of more new releases as they become available but for now, enjoy round 2...

Tell me in a comment which release are you guys most excited about and which releases I totally fucked up on and left out of my list.

Ensiferum- Unsung Heroes (8/27)
Spikefarm Records

Grave- Endless Procession of Souls (8/27)
Century Media

Autopsy- Born Undead DVD (8/28)


  1. Yo Munk!

    Didn't realise this cats had new jams on the way, SICK!

    Some you may have overlooked:


    There are probably loads more that I have missed as well.

    - That guy

  2. hey man, i didnt know Enabler had a new one coming! got to check that out.

    mentioned Evoken's new one in 'part 1'