Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bubbles- Randoms (2006-2009)


This 5 piece wrecking crew is easily one of the heaviest and yet least talked about bands from NJ over the last couple of years. One of my old bands had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them a few times as well as with their partners in crime 'The Kodiak Bear Regiment' back in either 2006 or 2007. Who the fuck knows, that was a hell of a time.. Anyway, its been said that Bubbles released a self titled full length sometime aound 2009 or so, just before the band met its final demise. If anyone has that record or any other mp3's from them I'd be greatly appreciative. These tracks are simply the 6 songs available on their myspace page and do not fit into any one demo, EP, split, full length etc.. but are definitely worth the download.

1. Bloodeagle (from... unknown)
2. Creation (from... split with Kodiak Bear Regiment)
3. The Intestinal Decorator (from... unknown)
4. Peeling Skin Back (from... demo 2006)
5. Shattered Remains (from... demo 2006)
6. Stay Strong (from... split with Kodiak Bear Regiment)

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