Monday, November 19, 2012

Updates, praise, vomiiiiiit!!

So.. as I'm sure its no surprise to some I've been incredibly fucking lazy recently. Although lazy mostly translates to busy most days.. weeks.. months.. There is no excuse for my absence. But I promise you that there is more vomits and shitty material still to come. For starters I am planning on an absolutely MASSIVE "best of 2012" list that I will begin typing in 10 album increments starting (hopefully) the first week of December, or basically whenever the fuck I get around to it. I also have an inbox FULL of submissions that I'm sure kick some serious ass. But again, I've just been too busy (and downright lazy) to get to listen to most of it. But I assure you, I will soon enough. Recently, that bitch Hurricane Sandy really put the brakes on the end of my year.. and just as I reached some sort of near normalcy too. Fuck 2012 by the way. So anyway.. please leave a comment or 4 on this post to reassure me that I still have some readers!! I havent forgotten about ya!

I'm looking to link up with a few new blog buddies as well. So please, if you happen to be blogwalking and stop by The Guttural Munk, please, drop a comment and I'll make sure I add you to my list of dear friends =)

Also a quick shout to Frost @ Frost Domain for doing a fucking amazing job recently. You truly are the man! Cheers to you brother. 

Oh yea, and JGD if you are reading this... hurry up! and get something new happening, fucko! I miss TLD more and more everyday. 

I leave you with this...

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